Market Research & Planning

Ready to grow? Research the market, conduct competitive analysis, and try out our marketing plan template to formalize your own marketing plans.

Copywriting Basics

Different types of ads require different copywriting guidelines. These tips are designed to help you create ads that adhere to the copyright basics.

Create Your Marketing Plan

Whether your company provides products or services, your marketing plan is essential to your success. Use this marketing plan template with our expert advice.

Effective Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis allows you to identify your competitors and evaluate their respective strengths and weaknesses.

How to Learn Your Prospect's Needs

Before you can sell anything to anyone, you must first understand what they need. This article offers advice on how to learn your prospect’s needs.

Low Cost Market Research

To run a business, you must know your market thoroughly. This article offers small businesses on a tight budget five cost-effective market research tips.


Find tools and tips to help you as you manage your growth day to day challenges and opportunities.

Market Research

Learn about market research and how it can help you identify and improve your marketing effectiveness.

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is a framework that helps business managers to develop a marketing strategy for their business.

Marketing Online

Digital marketing is growing and evolving along with technology. Get to know some key types of online marketing.

Sample Press Releases

Whether you are holding a grand opening or adding a new product, be sure to alert the press by sending a press release. See our samples of press-releases.

Segment Your Audience

Customer segmentation is understanding customers' unique characteristics and behaviors. Evaluate your customers against five criteria discussed in this article.


Find tools and tips to help you win new business: market your business, build your sales force, care for your customer, and explore procurement bids.